Why you should learn from Amanda Palmer

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “Need Help? Learn how to ask for it”. In this post I told you why you feel vulnerable and sometimes stupid when you ask for help and how valuable it is to learn how to effectively ask for help.

I want to pick up on that subject today.

I want you to watch a Ted Talk called the Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. Amanda Palmer is an artist in every sense of the word and she has mastered the art of asking. I was blown away when watching this Ted Talk and I want to share this with you.

What did you notice while watching this Ted Talk? Think about it for a minute or two before you read on.

I’ll tell you what I noticed.

I noticed a strong woman giving a spectacular presentation. She is unabashed, unafraid, excruciatingly vulnerable and this makes her so unbelievably authentic. Under the bravado of her appearance there is a warm woman filled with love and trust.

At least that is what I see.

In the talk Amanda shares how she made a living as a street artist, sleeps on couches, twitters for help and in the end successfully funds her own record by asking her fans to support her. Over the years she has refined her skills. All those asks, mostly leading into a positive experience, has made her extremely trusting. These experiences has led her to turn the volume of that loud voice in her head down to a soft & gentle whisper. When Amanda asks for help from her fans she realises that they are on her team. With each reciprocal interaction she thrives and they thrive. All is fair!

Amanda Palmer is not putting herself down when asking for help, she is making herself stronger.

1.000 true fans
Kevin Kelly once wrote that an artist only needs 1.000 true fans to make a living. He defines a true fan as as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.

Well if you saw the crowdfunding results you noticed that Amanda does not have 1.000 true fans but 25.000 fans generating over 1.2 million USD in revenue!

Watch her crowdfunding video asking for help:

She is right when she says that her music is not for everyone and I know I wouldn’t have given it a fair chance if I had not seen her ted talk. Her openness is reflected in her music when she sings. For me it’s the same experience I get when listening to Bob Dylan or Billy Joel.

Interested to hear her work? Here’s the walk through Amanda Landa

I’m a sucker for books so I’ve already added The Art of Asking on my Amazon wishlist but I also want to thank Amanda for sharing her wonderful talk with the world!

Couch surfing isn’t my idea of fun but I want to learn from Amanda:

So Amanda…

I just twittered you thanking you and added this article as a link. If you are reading this THANK YOU for showing me and other fans that there is another way. Thank you for showing us that you can choose your own path and you can learn to be more valuable by living according to your own principles and values instead of conforming to the expectation of the masses.

You have one more true fan among your ranks!

But Amanda, do you mind if I ask something?

I would love for you to like or share this article. Not because I seek the attention but because I want your fans and others to recognise that they too can do the same and learn to be more valuable and adopt this mindset. That is why I started Learn To Be More.

I hope you appreciate Amanda’s Ted Talk as much as I have. If you did, I kindly ask you to leave a comment and share this article. You will be helping a friend, Amanda and me. You’ll help yourself as you will feel good knowing that you did us a favour.

Thank You!


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