How To Set Yourself Free!

Set yourself freeAre you in an airplane ready to jump out of the sky? Are you in a boardroom working on the next innovation that will change the world? Are you at home staring at the faces of your partner and children? Or are you annoyed at your loved one because you just got into a fight or are you feeling down because you’re back at work after a really nice holiday?

It’s all about love.

Without love, living is just not as beautiful. Loving what you do and living your life with all your heart leads to happiness. It just seems that it is easy for us to fall in and out of love but it seems incredibly hard to keep living our heart’s desires in the long run. We end up on a constant emotional roller coaster feeding us the highs we crave followed by a gutted feeling of emptiness. One moment you are king of the world, invincible and the next you are broken, confused and disappointed.

Having experienced the extremes both high and low, I want to challenge the concept. Why do we need to experience the downside, the disappointment in order to be excited and to feel alive? Are the highs less high when you don’t experience the lows? I believe there’s no need for the trade off. I plead to enjoy and experience the highs but accept the ‘lows’ and be grateful and seek joy in the less exciting moments in your life which are just as worthy.  I firmly believe that you are in charge of your own happiness and life, you don’t need to feel miserable after experiencing a high. It’s time to let yourself free!

When was the last time you had the stomach flu? Remember that feeling where you start pleading for the pain to stop and you just wish to be healthy again? Do you need to experience it again to remind yourself how lucky you are for being happy?

Some people tend to argue you cannot rationalize the feeling of love, I agree. Don’t confuse being rational with being conscious. Being conscious about the role love plays in your life will strengthen you in every aspect of your life. Whether it is in business, at home, with your friends or simply you. Becoming aware of your feelings and accepting them gives you the ability and strength to handle the difficult moments in your life that you otherwise fear of facing. Being conscious about love does not make it less real, it does not make it less magical. In truth, it will only serve to break the barrier about what you believe is possible.

Set yourself free

I implore you to make your life decisions both with your heart and with your mind. Forget the trade-off. It is a false assumption that it has to be either/or. Be conscious that you have the ability to respond to everything life brings you with both your heart and mind. Being conscious will liberate you from the most dangerous person in your life. Your scared self!

On a related note I wish to leave you with a piece of my personal mission statement. I believe these words to be true for me.

  • Live life with love in my heart each day and every day. I will consider who I love and share my love with those most important in my life.
  • I will lead by example and help others whom are seeking to be inspired.
  • I have the ability to respond to the surprises life brings my way.
  • My integrity is my soul. I hold myself responsible for my own actions and will hold myself accountable to live up to a higher standard.

I want you to write down and share one value that is most important to you.

Why? Because once you’ve written it down and shared it becomes a personal commitment you will hold yourself accountable towards.

Yes, it can be that simple but aren’t the simplest of things the hardest as well?

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