Why Be More?

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Hi there, how are you? I’m Tim Dierckxsens, co-founder of Learn To Be More.

Do you ever feel like:

  • you don’t care about school or work
  • people around you ‘ just don’t understand’
  • you are not learning anything useful or meaningful
  • you are stuck or slowly sinking into a rut
  • you are wasting your time with video games, football matches, social media
  • you are lost and don’t know what to do

and are you looking to:

  • flow through life with a smile
  • build lasting and loving relationships
  • find meaning and purpose
  • be more

‘Learn to be more’ serves to inspire because I’ve felt that life can feel like a large rubber band strapped around your waste. Slugging forward only to be flung back to where you started.

You can cut loose from whatever is holding you back but before we share with you how we set out doing this, let me tell you a bit more about who I am.

When I was 16, I had a burning desire inside me to be more yet I could not figure out what I wanted. As a child it seemed easy, I dreamt and the possibilities seemed endless. As I grew up I just desired.. to.. be.. more…

My problem was I didn’t know who I wanted to be so I made excuses and did nothing.

High school in Belgium didn’t inspire me and the teachers did not understand my arrogance. Some teachers thought I was stupid while others recognised I was ‘just’ lazy. I conformed to their expectations and mediocrity snuck up on me. There were so many distractions it was hard to resist the temptation of watching tv, movies, wasting time on facebook, playing games or going out drinking with friends. The price paid was the loss of the feeling of desire within me.

Here is a picture of me when I was traveling with friends. Laid back and smiling in the moment with a long island iced tea.

Having a Drink in Genua

What you don’t see in most of my pictures are the moments when I am miles away in thought. Struggling to find meaning.

Self Discovery

I had an excuse for everything.

  • If I just had the time
  • If I just found my passion
  • If the class wasn’t so boring
  • If if if…

My number one burning pain was having the ambition inside me but not knowing how to channel it. When I found love, it was big enough to fill the void of leading an inspired life. However when the relationship ended, it felt like someone turned off the light and I was left in a sea of blackness. I shut off my feelings and wandered along.

I wanted change and thought of a time when I felt alive. Images came back to me from my childhood fantasy life, growing up in Bangkok before I moved to Belgium. I decided to travel back to Asia and pick up where I left off. Being there, motivated me to question my life decisions and own up to an uncomfortable truth. The only one holding me back was me. I found my inspiration, moved back to Belgium, got a job I liked and met a girl I loved. The relationship didn’t last either but despite wanting more, I knew I would be ok. I didn’t fall apart because I didn’t use her to fill a void. I loved her fully and did the hard thing of letting go.

Nonetheless break ups uproot life and I reached out and asked for help. I found mentors (on and offline) and it gave me a renewed sense of energy and strength. They reached out with friendly advice and suggested the best books. They advised me NOT to follow an MBA and they were right. I learn more every day and have become an overachiever in every aspect of my life.

I now find my strength from within and have built my character to be strong willed, loving and passionate. I live life based on my own values and principles. In essence I’ve discovered who I want to be.

I want to be a fearless student of life and be valuable. I want to lead my life supported by my own empowering beliefs and positively impact the people around me.

If you feel that burning desire and still don’t know what to do about it, stop your excuses and reach out. Reach out to whomever you want and/or trust.

I waited 8 years to take action and I hope you don’t wait that long.

There is a french saying:

“Les excuses sont faites pour s’en servir”.

What it means is: excuses are made (up)  to serve our purposes. We rationalise and invent mental scripts so we don’t have to take accountability. We lie to ourselves. Although my French is terrible this saying really hit home. I’ve now developed a 6th sense for when I am creating these scripts. I acknowledge them but I don’t let myself be fooled.

I don’t necessarily regret waiting 8 years to take action and become inspired, I do wonder where I would be today if I had discovered these lessons earlier in life.

Because all excuses aside. I didn’t have to be a late bloomer.  I could have taken another journey.

Knowing you can choose your future and it is your responsibility to set your future in motion is an essential first step for any change.

Today I work as a consultant for multinational corporations in software development. With every project I take on I stress the importance of being authentic, building trust and learning to communicate personal desires and goals. By focusing on the individuals in a team I help business and IT professionals communicate and share a vision and goal.

I gorge on books and courses about personal leadership, entrepreneurship, self awareness, thinking and have changed my life profoundly.

I hope you will too!

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