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Become a Superlearner

“I love learning yet it can get frustrating. Too many passions, too many books, too many courses and not enough time.
This course taught by Jonathan Levi was a godsend. I boosted my reading speed from 179 wpm to 510 wpm but most importantly I learnt great techniques to store important insights into my long term memory. I recommend this course to anyone who aspires to dive into accelerated learning and comprehension.”
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Better Leader, Richer Life

“Better Leader, Richer Life is a 10 week immersion program in self-leadership and part of the MBA curriculum at the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. It is one of the first I followed in the category leadership and still consider it one of the best courses out there. 
Forget the work/life trade-off. Design your future by learning how to balance and distribute your time to what you find important.”
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