Balancing Goals

Yoga Year Pass

I was having breakfast with some friends around Chinese New Year. They were discussing a 50% discount on the year passes at the yoga studio. One of them had just finished a 30 day challenge where she’d participated in 21 classes! I thought that was amazing and couldn’t imagine surviving more than 2 classes a week.

Realising how incredible I feel after yoga and eager to get into better mental and physical shape again, I was contemplating the year pass. I knew it would force me to go to the classes instead of giving in to my ‘tiredness’ or to be very honest, lethargy. After a turbulent year of health struggles accompanied with more weight gain than I would like to admit to, I was eager to get back into physical and mental shape.

Another friend overheard our conversation and suggested to reimburse my subscription if I could incorporate 250 workouts during the Chinese year of the Monkey. Enough said – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Yes, that’s at least 5 yoga classes a week (they’re around 90 minutes each), HELP!

Love Challenges

I eagerly accepted the challenge but quickly realized, this isn’t actually the hard part. I love being challenged and thrive in these situations. I possess a natural tendency toward giving my all to achieve a goal or resorting in a state of sloth-like indifference. This ability to focus on my goals has proven beneficial because I attain them but they have often  led me to neglect other important aspects of life such as health, social life and relationships.

I realized my biggest challenge here is not achieving the goal but making sure this goals is sustainable in the long run and something which will improve my life as a whole.


I’ve learned throughout the years that finding a balance in the different aspects of life is what has made me happy and I believe most people. As much as I would like to reside in this state of continuous balance, there are too many aspects in life we have no control over. With this new, ‘sustainable’ challenge, I’m curious to find out whether yoga will enable me to attain this state of balance more easily regardless of the curve balls life has in store for me.

Entering the year of the Monkey with a challenge which I prefer to see as a commitment to a better life, I’m excited where this journey will take me, what the effects will be on my health, my body, my mind and my life.

I’ll be sharing my observations and changes right here !

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