Our Why

You’re probably wondering, why we’re doing this.

For a long time we were floating through life paying little attention to where we wanted to go and we slowly grew frustrated and lost sight of who we wanted to be. We weren’t leading our lives but were following the path of least resistance and it took us a while to admit it. Growing sad, angry, and scared, we knew we had to change but we didn’t know where to start. We turned to books and made a few decisive – life altering – choices. Everyday we are building towards excellence.

We want to use this space to share everything we have learnt so far. Surely you have dreams of your own and have noticed how it becomes almost impossible to keep them alive. Especially while growing up and there are other ‘priorities’.

Do you long to let go of your fears, give in to your heart’s desire and live an inspiring life?

When you dream, do you feel a surge of energy in your stomach and get carried away in the excitement to make dream become reality? A few moments later, are there whispers of doubt creeping in your head?: “Why Me?” “Is this a good idea?” “Where would I begin?.

On our journey, we are learning to identify our fears and regrets and use them to influence our lives for the better. Our daily emotions create our future and who we are today. We’ve discovered extremely helpful tools to help us to understand, communicate and control those feelings. Noticing an immensely positive impact in our lives, we felt the urge to share with others who feel a similar need to take control and improve upon themselves.

Small changes are the first steps to living a better life!

On our journey you can find our blogging experiences leading us to climb one or more summits. We require the right gear, (reading material, maps, guides, how to’s) and we rely on great sherpas to teach us the secrets of the mountain

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Hi! I’m a reader, thinker, blogger & dreamer with the driving passion to help you answer the burning question of ‘who do you aspire to be’ and will challenge you to hold yourself accountable to make that dream a reality.

I always felt so much ambition boiling inside me but never learnt how to channel that desire be more valuable until I started my journey towards self-discovery.



Hi! I’m passionate about everything that helps us feeling great, EVERYDAY! I believe food, exercise and a peaceful mind are the key to this and am in a constant search of enhancements that will lead to a more nourished and invigorating state.

I love hearing people’s stories and find great joy in helping people find the small things that may help them feel absolutely fantastic.

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